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(By Solomon Mahoi, [Pseudonym, "Abck Obba"])

June 27, 2024

In medical science or in the allied health profession, anatomy and physiology teaches us that the human body is a collection of the partitions of the outer body as well as the inner properties that make up the internal system of the human body. Anatomy and physiology also teaches us that members of the human body are interconnected, and that they all have their major roles they play in the configuration of the entire human body system. Part of this configuration includes the physical eyes, which are a member of the human body that are responsible for sight so that we can see our surroundings and the things or people or places around us. But as complex as the human body configuration is, especially when considering its internal aspects or organs or cells, the awareness of the human body configuration therefore continues to grow as there still remain discoveries to be discovered about its operations and how our individual habits or lifestyle choices hinders or promotes its effectivity.

This gradual growth therefore brings me to the phenomena of the third eye, an aspect of the human experience that cuts across cultures, but whose symbolism maintains a variation of interpretations that range from spiritual convictions to literal meanings to psychological portrayals.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, for example, the third eye is usually associated with seeing visions beyond this physical world. It is also associated with precognition as well as the ability to observe chakras and auras, including an out-of-body experience.

In Christianity as well as Islam, the third eye is a symbolism of the combination of wisdom and understanding, including the spiritual experiences in seeing visions into the future, as these visions are communicated to the human soul from the spiritual realms of the Divine, or of the Greater Energy that knows all and sees all.

In other settings, the third eye is traditionally viewed as a representation of mystical intuition or insight or enlightenment, and it is associated with the pineal gland which is located on the inside of the forehead.

By these interpretive variations it is therefore clear that the third eye, be it a natural phenomena or a spiritual endowment, is definitely a capacity within the human body configuration that aids the individual into making positive decisions.  And these decisions do serve the individual as an engine of protection to the individual or for the individual, or of another individual or individuals, especially from the ills of the evil happenings that surrounds the world in which we live in. In other cases it is a source of inspiration through which things like innovative ideas or curations for example, are communicated from the spiritual realms to the physical realm we live in, but through the soul of an individual. 


Perhaps what’s truly remarkable here is that the human being, whether or not is aware of the truth of its existence to be associated with a realm beyond the one which it lives in, still the reality is that its soul is connected to an entity greater than its own, which therefore obliges this greater entity to want to communicate with the soul (or the mind) of the human being. 

So the question now is, are you conscious of your third eye? 

Simmer that down for a moment, and after you have done so, allow your conscience to search you through, and whatever the conviction that might spruce up within you, let that conviction be your awareness or guide, into the human being that you are.

"Peace be upon you."



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