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POEM - Mama Salone at 59

By Sallieu Sankoh (Center)

27 April 2020

In 1961, you fought for independence

Growing up as a humble girl-child

With admiration and beauty

With so much praises,

Mama, you're indeed pretty

And we heard about your past glory

Once, the 'Anthens of West Africa'

Your loyalty or maybe royalty and achievements are still in the archives

Your first generation of children was quite patriotic

Like its predecessors, the present is as well optimistic

Mama, we must commend your efforts, your motherly pains

But in all, we say thanks to the Almighty

You smashed down colonialism,

You kicked away imperialism

You conquered civil war,

Then came the Ebola epidemic

And now a global Pandemic

Soon to reach the retirement age

My question is, where are the legacies?

Dear Mama Salone,

As you're soon to get grand kids,

Advise your children to stop corruption, misappropriation of family funds, favouritism and nepotism, tribalism and regionalism

For these societal menaces are what is destroying us as a family

Let the younger ones respect their elders,

These days, they shame them online,

Humiliate them 'big time'

The elders must be regarded

For they're our breadwinners

Mama, even though you taught us about unity, freedom and justice,

Yet; our siblings are fond of disunity, restriction of people's rights, mob justice and injustice

Sometimes, we try to run away from you, but as it's said 'Mama na wan' and there's no place like home

On behalf of the entire family in the lion mountain,

We wish you a happy independence anniversary

May you live to serve us well,

More transformation, longevity and prosperity

Happy Independence Day Sweet Mama Salone!

No plagiarism, adhere to all precautionary measures on Covid-19 and feel free to share.

©️ *Center of Academic Excellence*

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