Keh-Ma-Ina, home of the Kambui Hills Forest Reserve

By Margaedah Michaella Samai

In 2019, I had the distinct honour and privilege of representing my paternal home, Kenema District in the Miss Sierra Leone Beauty Pageant. It was a momentous moment in my life because I was representing a district of lush greenery, timber, diamonds, the traditional country cloth weaving, and above all, beautiful people. Kenema in Nongowa chiefdom is the third-largest city in Sierra Leone. The capital city of the eastern province is also the second most populous in Sierra Leone and the largest city in that province.

I still have fond memories of how I used to visit Samai Town, around Kombema Road, and not far from the Kenema Government Secondary School during school holidays. Then, I would join my relatives to our rice and cocoa farms respectively from dawn to dusk, only to return to town to traditional dancing, singing, drumming and storytelling.